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formax feeds pet nutrition >>Read More.

Free-range egg producers rely on Formax quality for their growing business

It's all picturesque. A large flock of chickens is busily pecking the ground for worms and bugs and tender blades of grass, just minding their own business. Then in the distance, an all-terrain vehicle is heard.  >>Read More.

Formax Brand Stands for Quality

The new Formax brand brings clarity to the quality that has long been associated with the Producer Feeds name. For years, farmers, rural dwellers and hobby farmers have looked to the Producer Feeds brand for the finest in animal nutrition, no matter what the species.  >>Read More.

Formax Seeks Additional Dealers

Although Formax products are available in more than 150 feed and farm stores in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Virginia, we’re always on the lookout for quality dealers who can supply our outstanding rations to their customers. Formax offers competitive margins, exceptional dealer support including fast and frequent delivery, stock rotation and cooperative advertising.  >>Read More.


Formax, still produced by Producer Feeds in Louisville, is today available in more than 150 feed stores. Store Locator


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